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Cytech South Africa has customised hundreds of motorcycles of all brands and models over the past 35 years.

Most of these have been Trans African Adventure motorbikes designed for vast distances and tough conditions. Other customisations however have been more fanciful complete with special paint jobs and handmade parts to specification.

All commissions however have had the same two basic objectives . . .

To present the client with a one-of-a-kind motorcycle that can turn heads whether parked outside the pub or low flying across the Kalahari.
To present the client with a more reliable, better-suited motorcycle for the job at hand.

Cytech customisation consultancy offers the answers to three questions i.e. can the job be done, within the time-frame and to budget?

Click here to email  an enquiry about a special customisation job you have in mind.

BMW 1150 GS custom motorcycle


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