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Cytech have sourced for over 35 years from a wide range of highly-respected international manufacturers and 3rd party suppliers of BMW, KTM, Honda and Kawasaki OE parts e.g. FAG, Bing, Bosch, Knecht, Puralator, Brembo, Fidel and Sachs, Mahle, SKF, Elring, Goetze, etc. and have invested extensively in the entire broad spectrum of BMW OE parts including the BMW Vintage and Classic parts.

With its vast African travel experience Cytech can recommend the best part for the particular make and model. Most motorcycles have their own idiosyncrasies and alternative and more modern replacement parts are often the answer to plaguing problems.

 All motorcycle parts are supplied with an applicable warranty; enquire regarding specifics before purchasing.

Click here if you have a query regarding spares (new, second hard or alternative)  or have a particular technical  problem with your motorcycle.

Contact Cytech directly for a comprehensive price list on all makes and models of Motorcycles.

BMW motorcyle disc brake



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