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‘Motorcycling in Africa’ lives in the rain-shadow of Europe and the USA where conditions, climate and biker culture are quite different. Successful brands and ranges in the northern hemisphere have little bearing on the needs and conditions of local African motorcycle travellers.

Cytech stocks a specialized range of Trans African touring riding gear with a  ‘keep it simple’ policy i.e. a few brands and a narrow range. However, all gear has been tested from the Lesotho snowfields to Nubian desert by both staff and clients covering a staggering number of miles each year.

Helmets, jackets, gloves as well as biker-friendly camping gear are stocked. High quality compact toolkits, water containers, fuel containers, navigation equipment and specialized propriety tools for individual brands and models are carried where applicable

Cytech also has its own range of special replacement tools where big brand OEM tools are not easily obtainable.

Custom-made containers and storage solutions are also available for awkwardly shaped equipment like extra-long tyre levers.

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