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Cycle Technology CC trading as Cytech and Tours for Africa was established in 1975 (previously known in the mid/late 1970’s as South End Wheels, and later in the early 1980’s as BMW World and Kawasaki World) and is one of the oldest motorcycle establishments in South Africa.

The late Ken Sandison and Ray Muller (who is now the sole proprietor) who were friends at high school were the original founders and owners

Ray Muller concluded his BMW Motorcycle Apprenticeship in 1969 and qualified with A Grades with Club Motors, who were the original Southern Africa importers of BMW Cars and Motorcycles in the late 1950’s, 1960’s and early 1970’s

For 23 years from 1975/6 – 1998 were one of the largest BMW Approved Motorcycle Dealerships in Africa and specialized in the sale of new and pre–owned BMW Motorcycles, new and used Spare Parts and had and still have one of the most advanced and highly-respected Spares/Parts and Repair and Maintenance outlets in the Motorcycle Industry

In the late 1970’s invested in and opened the first-ever specialized Paint and Panel Facilities for BMW Motorcycles, which was officially approved by BMW SA. This facility was highly respected and carried out all BMW SA Motorcycle and at a later stage Motor Vehicle Paint and Panel warranty work at the time

In the mid 1980’s initiated an Adventure Touring Division Tours for Africa, which was approved by BMW and purchased the first-ever Hire Fleet of 20 BMW K100 Motorcycles for hire-out purposes

In 1998 terminated our partnership and association with BMW SA and because BMW Motorcycles was our livelihood ventured abroad and were forced to source BMW Parts at more competitive and affordable prices from any/all BMW Motorcycle Parts Manufacturers, Suppliers and Stockists. We also diverted and started specializing in Aftermarket Equipment for BMW and various makes and models of Classic, Touring and Adventure Motorcycles and all the related Overland Equipment and Accessories suited for Trans Continental Travel

As our company was one of the exclusive Emergency Equipment suppliers and fitters of ceremonial BMW Motorcycles for the SADF (South African Defence Force) and because of our respected personal military services association with the SADF, we were approached by the SADF to showcase the SADF Operational Bases to encourage and influence solidarity and support for the respected SADF troops (engaged in the then communist threat) throughout South Africa and South West Africa to all BMW Motorcycle riders, who they identified as respected Professionals and Executives, which they were.

This initiative prompted us to start arranging exclusive BMW Motorcycle Tours to promote the BMW Motorcycles to an ideal target market in and through the military war zones, which became part of our strategic plan to start Adventure Travel Events into neighbouring and other African countries.

From 1980 until 1989 (when the SADF troops withdrew from Namibia) arranged 3 x 30- Day, 10,000 km Motorcycle tours a year with 50–80 BMW Motorcycle riders up to the Operational Bases in Northern Namibia and averaged 20–30 1,000 km Breakfast Runs a year in and around South Africa.

In 1990 arranged the first ever 15-Day, 12,000 km Motorcycle excursion out of South Africa into Angola (whom we were at war with a few years prior), which was a huge success considering that we made contact with the FAPLA Government troops and UNITA rebel forces to allow us unrestricted free passage to travel

In 1991 pioneered the first ever 16-Day, 14,000 km Johannesburg (South Africa) to Nairobi (Kenya) Motorcycle tour with 30 BMW riders when Tanzania just opened its borders to South Africans.

In 1993 organized and pioneered the first ever 50-Day 24,000 km BMW Motorcycle tour from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Hamburg (Germany) through West Africa with 40 BMW riders and specialized personnel manning armour plated logistical/back up/recovery vehicles supplied by Armscor the South African Governments owned Armaments establishment. The group was hosted by BMW AG and were taken for a tour of the BMW Motorcycle factory where several of the participants bought news BMW Motorcycles and shipped them back to South Africa.

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