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A Tours for Africa breakfast run is no ordinary affair.

For the novice choose between 500 or 750 km.
More experienced riders can do the 1000km round trip.
For an epic experience, masters can do the 2000km run, which barely into a 24-hour period.

The objective of such trips is two fold . . .

  • To have breakfast!

  • To train mind and body to cover extreme distances safely and efficiently. This is an important skill in Trans African travel where distances can be vast with nothing but wilderness between towns.

A Tours for Africa breakfast run is a carefully planned round trip taking into account fuel, refreshments, traffic volumes and road conditions. The routes are scenic and varied and riders arrive home with a sense of achievement. In most cases logistical backup is provided

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Motorcycle breakfast run South Africa

Riders heading north towards the South African Zimbabwe border on a Tours for Africa breakfast run.

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