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Motorcyclists that undertake long distance African motorcycle tours fall into two categories. Consider these four examples . . .

• Those who camp and those who don’t.
• Those that camp with a tent and those that don’t.
• Those that sleep on the ground and those that don’t.
• Those who take food from home and those that eat like the locals

Regardless of personal preference, Tours for Africa stocks a range of motorcycle camping gear that is compact and biker friendly including tents and cooking gear. Tried and tested by existing clients, quality and durability are key characteristics.

In addition to camping gear Tours for Africa offers its clients access to its database of accommodation options in sub Sahara Africa from 5-star hotel to rustic campsite. In most cases, Ray Muller the proprietor knows the establishment and owner personally.

Cytech tours always include a mix of hotels and camping.


Tours for Africa logistical backup vehicles camping

Tours for Africa logistical backup vehicles at a campsite deep in Angola.



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