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A dual sport motorcycle is a passport to adventure while Africa is the ultimate adventure destination. Together this combination offers the adventure motorcyclist a lifestyle and experience that is unsurpassed.

Tours for Africa offers adventures rides from a few hours to a few months, from crossing a province to crossing a continent. Every ride is larger than life and brings its own rich biker-friendly African experience.

Rides that follow rivers, railway lines and impact craters are some of the shorter day routes. Five thousand kilometre Recce Runs covering five countries in five days offers a different kind of adventure. Record-breaking 2000km trips for a quick breakfast or single country circumnavigation bring their own challenge and sense of achievement.

Tours for Africa offers legendary Cape to Cairo expeditions. These safaris offer a ‘best of’ experience and can open doors for businesspersons wanting to expand up into the continent.

Most adventure rides have full logistical backup allowing the riders peace of mind to enjoy the rich tapestry that is Africa.

Ethiopian highlands dual sport adventure tour

Motorcycle and logistical backup vehicles deep in the Simeon Mountains in
Ethiopia on a Cape to Cairo tour.