about us

Tours for Africa (TFA) is the long distance adventure motorcycling touring division of Cytech. “Somewhere between Heaven and Hell” is the place they market. Tours for Africa safaris are epic affairs for the motorcyclist seeking the ultimate Trans-Africa touring experience.

Over a 35 year period Ray Muller (the sole proprietor), has chalked up over 3,5 million touring miles in Africa. In the early days the tours were done in conjunction with military expeditions into wartorn zones. Later tours however have been of a civilian nature with an emphasis on fact-finding, tourism and business opportunities.

'Cape to Cairo' tours are a standard offering. Other destinations include Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Rwanda, Namibia and even the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Countries regularly traversed are Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda.

A Tours for Africa tour is distinctive in four ways i.e. full logistical backup, local partners in all countries, commercial networking opportunities and a thorough understanding of Africa, its people and its ways.

An epic Trans-Africa motorcycle safari covers the whole spectrum of experiences i.e. sightseeing, rough camping, 5-star hotel luxury, hard travel days, leisure days and unique African experiences; a TFA touring safari offers the correct balance between all these factors.